About Us


At Peace Hill Classical Co-op our mission is to cultivate wisdom and virtue through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Within a joyful and safe environment, we seek for students to experience restful and transformational learning about the world, one another, and themselves. We strive to be a community where our students receive love, support, accountability, nurture, encouragement, and forgiveness. We believe in forging character, fostering wisdom, exploring the arts, and nurturing a lifelong love for learning. We strive to develop children with inquisitive and creative minds who fully live into their calling and purpose.


At Peace Hill Classical Co-op, we strive to provide:

Exceptional Education: It is our goal that our students gain a strong foundation of knowledge, a love for learning, and the tools necessary to think well. Utilizing the classical disciplines, we desire that our students grow in the mastery of primary academics, in order to eventually recognize and understand the connectedness of knowledge and its application to a rich and harmonious life. 

Character Formation: Beyond academics, we desire that the whole child thrives. We seek to cultivate students who will demonstrate growing responsibility, self-discipline, diligence, and integrity. In addition, we work to nurture excellent group skills, personal organization, comfort with public speaking, community service, and a belief and participation in the greater community, family, and self. 

Family Involvement: We encourage the development of strong families. We believe that parents are integral to their child's development and education. PHCC desires to partner with families and helps strengthen their bond through whole family learning and community events like Poetry in the Park, Movie Nights, and Nature Walks. 


Sense of Wonder: "All wisdom begins with wonder." ~ Socrates / Whether it be through studying nature, listening to beautifully composed music, reading really excellent stories, or looking at artwork that has captured hearts and minds for centuries, PHCC encourages a sense of awe and wonder at this great big globe and the people who have contributed to it. We firmly believe that YOUR child has a unique and beautiful contribution to make to the world, and our desire is to help him or her flourish in their whole development.